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Adventures in Neverland

You just think happy thoughts and they lift you up

The Cynical Romantic
19 November 1987
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I'm Clare. If I met you on the Internet, I'm probably Claudia, but that was probably a while ago. I'm in college, I study English, I do other stuff sometimes.

I write... because. Because my brain needs it. Since my brain is a little weird and this is LiveJournal and not anything important, this LJ is probably largely incomprehensible to anyone but me. I have no excuse for clogging up the Internet with it instead of just writing in a paper diary, except that sometimes I'd rather type than handwrite. And as long as I continue to like writing in it, I don't care if anybody reads it or not. If you do bother to read it, feel free to correct errors in spelling/grammar/style; I like to be correct even on teh Intarwebs. (Then, go find something better to do. Please.)

EMO WARNING: I have bipolar disorder. This journal, therefore, has high levels of emo sometimes. You have been warned.