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Draw of the day [Sep. 8th, 2016|07:12 pm]
The Cynical Romantic

Draw of the Day

Today's card is the Knight of Swords.

As the Earth of Air, the Knight is focused on material/practical/logistical/financial matters and takes a cold, logical, calculated, and/or intellectual approach to them. This card is someone looking for the smartest, most effective way to solve problems, get their shit done and get paid for it. Or it could be someone trying to game a system, or win a poker tournament.

Louis names this card "Rapid Comings and Goings," and in its upright position it represents forthrightness and sudden changes. This card indicates that it is time to be active and follow your head. It may indicate a period of struggle or competition in which I need to dedicate all my wits to beating it. The card warns against taking rash or impulsive action, but what action is taken needs to be swift and decisive as well as intelligent.

Today was mostly trying to get shit off to the printer at work, and I've taken on an additional freelance assignment that's due Monday that I should get a head start on today. I have had a very long short week, which is why I haven't done a card draw in two days--my mom is sick and my brother had surgery yesterday, so I had to spend yesterday working (both day job and freelance work) while taking care of Tim, and today has been dedicated to playing catchup to all the things I couldn't do on other days this week--go to the gym and go grocery shopping and get gas--since I'm taking tomorrow off. So yes, today has been pretty busy. And will stay busy for the next two hours, and then I'm going to bed early because I have to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

In short, this week's been a hustle. Labor Day Weekend's weekend of labor seems to have paid off, and I'm still full speed ahead on doing All The Things.

At some point I'm going to sit around and do nothing for an entire day. Maybe sometime in January.