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Draw of the day [Sep. 2nd, 2016|07:11 am]
The Cynical Romantic

Draw of the day, Fri 2 Sept

The Seven of Swords is the Stealth card. In this deck it's represented the same as all the other Swords pips, so the imagery isn't something I'm looking at too deeply. Swords are usually an unpleasant suit, and this rat is not having a good time of it.

The Stealth card is not as negative as a lot of other Swords cards; it can sort of go either way, although it's generally not an explicitly positive card in the traditional sense. It stands for guile, cunning, deception, insincerity, diplomacy, and other sort of sneaky shit. It can indicate a sort of shadowy conflict or a battle of wits--the someone is trying to trick you or harm your reputation, or is opposing your intellectual freedom. It can also indicate that the querent's "unique worldview" (Louis' words) and ability to do the unexpected may come in handy, or that the querent needs to be crafty and diplomatic to handle a situation. It can warn that your enemies will strike while you are preoccupied, or advise that you do the same to them.

My plan for today mostly consists of working at work and then coming home and working at home (I have two freelancing assignments for this weekend, plus I need to clean a bunch of stuff and try to finish a short story). I'm not sure how stealthy that plan is, but I guess I'll have to be on the lookout for people trying to sabotage it anyway?

I will try to keep my "unique worldview" on hand today, and simultaneously watch what stupid comments I make on Twitter, which is a balance I do not always keep very well.