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Draw of the day [Aug. 30th, 2016|09:42 am]
The Cynical Romantic

Draw of the day

Today's card is the King of Swords!

The King of Swords is the root of air, and he is shown here in comfortably close proximity to a bear. I can't tell if the bear is snarling or if it is dead, but either way, it seems to be leaning on the King for support. What's up with that.

The King of Swords represents intellectual power and authority. He can be a bit domineering or out of touch with his feelings, as is common among the Swords royal family, but on a good day he is also smart and fair.

Today is time to really wrap up the magazine; our graphic designer and his new assistant (whose style is... not my style) are coming in, and I know we're going to need to all pull together to get this magazine out the door in as good a shape as it can possibly be in. I also need to be able to objectively evaluate which of the assistant's suggestions I should take and which I should not, and neither accept changes I don't want to make because it's easier to go along, or reject changes out of hand that would improve the magazine just because I'm annoyed that there are so many and can't he make the layout so it actually fits the text we gave him and not the other way around? Biddy Tarot says the King "suggests you need to adopt a very stern but fair role."

Anyway, I guess today is a day to "remain detached and objective" and to "use your intellect to prove your point and succeed."