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Draw of the day [Aug. 26th, 2016|07:08 am]
The Cynical Romantic

Draw of the day

So many Cups lately! Clearly I am all emotions this week.

Today's card is the Page of Cups reversed. In his reversed positio, this lil dude represents frivolousness, insecurity, daydreaming, escapism, isolation, a spoiled or unhappy child, laziness, muddled thinking, and generally failing to focus or live up to your potential. It suggests that "your capriciousness, lack od discipline, laziness, or lack of dedication may be causing your difficulties" and that "For some reason you are not living up to your potential or making use of your talents."

The reason is that I'm bloody exhausted, but I've definitely not been entirely on my A game this week. I shall have to do better, especially since I have poker tonight and we're really getting down to the wire on the magazine. Time to stop "wasting time and energy on pipe dreams and living in a world of unreality" and bring myself back down to Earth, I suppose.