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Draw of the day [Aug. 20th, 2016|07:56 am]
The Cynical Romantic

Draw of the day, Sat 20 Aug 2016

Today's card is the Page of Wands!

This card depicts a young person looking curiously at a large insect, apparently unafraid of the giant pointy wasp's butt right in his face. It suggests to me curiousity and innocent fearlessness.

The Page of Wands is the fire rank and the fire suit, so it suggests a person who is all drive, and probably very mercurial.

The Page of Wands in his upright position can mean good news, energy, optimism, courage, new experiences, new opportunities, meeting new people, and possibly an ardent affair of some sort.

Today I am going down to Mohegan Sun with some friends, which I am hoping will be fun and not too expensive, and I admit I have not the clearest idea of the game plan for the day, since we are staying at a hotel near the casino but not at the casino itself, and there are shuttles that run to and from it but they don't start til 4 and we should be getting there around noon. But I am nonetheless excited and ready to poke around and see what kinda weird shit happens, and also to take some baths in the hotel.

Basically, today is a day to keep my energy up and have fun! Perhaps this card is advising me not to spend too much of the day hanging out in the hotel room.