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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2014|10:27 pm]

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Rainy Saturday Celtic Cross [Oct. 11th, 2014|07:57 pm]

It has been a while since I've done myself a proper Tarot reading! This is partly because I have been super busy with my family moving and a lot of stuff in general, including my new actual-full-time-not-a-contract real job that I am still somewhat terrified to speak of aloud in case I draw the attention of the Universe again. (Because that is a totally healthy way to react to good stuff happening.)

Anyway, today I was supposed to go to Faire, but it got cancelled due to rain, so I cleaned a bunch of stuff and did a reading, and later I will probably make oatcakes or something. And watch more Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders is everything I love about stupid gritty gangster shows. (Except the hair. The hair is terrible.) Anyway.

Today's deck is my comfortable old favorite, Nathalie Hertz' Vampire Tarot.

The first card, the Cover card, is the Four of Pentacles, Holding Tight. While in its upright position this card is labeled as representing "Upholding the status quo," the little book also explicitly states that "The Four of Disks represents financial security." It can represent either a form of miserliness--being "afraid to let go," "being too conservative or miserly because you fear taking a risk"--or it can represent "good business sense and a willingness to work hard," or, I suppose, both. I didn't ask a specific question for this reading, but this card turning up is making me think of something Dan said to me at Thirsty Thursday, especially since it is the Cover card ("the substance of the question," or, more specifically, "representing where the querent is at in regard to the question").

The Crossing card is the High Priestess, Major Arcana II. The Crossing card shows "conflicts, hang-ups, challenges. . . opportunities and resources." The High Priestess in her upright position represents "Intuitive awareness," and, like many of the female archetype Arcana, has a lot of meanings about hiddenness and the subconscious--"Mastery in the internal world," "Psychological insight," "Looking within." The ones that stick out to me here are "Past conditioning" and "Hidden influences." She appears "when you need to attend to your innermost feelings and listen to your inner voice," and "when you need to tap into your hidden potentials, psychological depths, or unseen talents to achieve success." The card suggests that "Past conditioning and early memories are affecting the current situation." They may well be.

Together, I think the micro-cross here shows that the essence of the question is about me psychologically adapting to my new work situation--the work bit is fine and I am hopefully more financially secure now (UNLESS I JUSTJINXED IT i need to calm down) but I need to figure out how to become more comfortable and integrate myself into the environment and not just be Obedient Work Robot since it is actually not an obedient-work-robot sort of place.

The third card, the Beneath card, is the Six of Swords, Leaving Your Troubles Behind. in its upright position meaning "Brighter days ahead." As a beneath card, which represents things in the past that are influencing the current situation, I think it means that I have already left behind the "period of strain, worry, and anxiety," but it is still affecting me? That would mesh fairly well with the "Past conditioning" from the Priestess card, possibly as an explanation for the "fear taking a risk" of the Cover card. The Six of Swords advises me that "This is a time to review past difficulties with an eye to assuring a better future," which I think I was doing a lot of over the summer, so either (a) I did it and it's informing what's going on now or (b) maybe I need to keep doing it?

The fourth card, the Behind card, is the Nine of Wands, Strength in Reserve. In its upright position it means "Stand your ground. Defense." The Behind card represents past events that are passing out of influence, suggesting that I will soon no longer need to be on the defensive, I guess? The Strength in Reserve card has key words like "Fortification. Guardine oneself. Protecting old wounds" and "Wariness." It suggests that "You have been hurt in the past and have therefore assumed a protective posture." Uh, possibly? Overall, though, this is a fairly hopeful card, suggesting that one's position is strong and the querent has the strength to overcome the challenge that they will face--hopefully, the "passing out of influence" placement of this card means that the challenge has passed or is passing away, not that my strength is declining. (Although it might be if I can't get my arse to the gym sometime this week. Last week was a bust.)

The fifth card, the Crown card, nearly made me laugh out loud--the Crown card is a potentiality card, and in this reading it was the Queen of Wands, Career Woman. In my old system, this card represented someone who, as with all the Queens, directed most of their energy to issues of emotion and intuition, perhaps someone who is concerned with people's emotional wellbeing and who evaluates questions based on how it is likely to make them or others feel, and who approaches these concerns in a passionate, ambitous, or possibly volatile manner. (Wands people think big.) In my little book, the Queen of Wands in her upright position represents "Balanced family and career interests," which is certainly a good thing to potentially happen. She is described as "A career-minded woman who can also be the life of the party." That is a good goal, I think. Key words include "Success of an enterprise" and "Independence of thought."

The sixth card, the Before card, is the Eight of Wands, Speed, in its upright position representing "Full speed ahead." You mean the past month and a half hasn't been full speed ahead already, cards?! It does say "A period of stagnation or delay is ending" and that "You are moving rapidly toward achieving your goals." It also says "Efforts to promote yourself succeed," so I should probably do some of those? Maybe it means I'll get some bloody writing done in the future. Or maybe stuff will pick up speed at work, since some of my projects have been slow lately.

Moving from the cross to the pillar, the seventh card, the Self card, is the Knight of Wands. There have been quite a lot of wands in this spread! The Knight of Wands, according to my old system, is a person concerned with earthly and material matters--perhaps domestic, perhaps financial--and who goes at it with a lot of drive. In other words, this person COULD be a money-grubbing asshole. I hope I am not being a money-grubbing asshole right now (if I were, would I not have more money?) but I have definitely been focusing on a lot of material and physical aspects of my life lately, like work and making the apartment functional and losing some weight, and I have probably been going at these with more ambition than sense. (This could be why I'm not getting as much done. I need to make myself more manageable plans.) My little book calls the Knight of Wands Escape from Difficulty, and in his upright position he represents "Change is in the air. Creative energy." When representing people, it can mean a number of things, including "Fun-loving people who have trouble committing themselves as they are given to many interests and distractions." Sounds like me.

The eighth card, the House card, represents the environment and the opinions of people around you. In this spread it is the World, Major Arcana XXI, the last of the Major Arcana, in its upright position representing "Reaching a natural conclusion." As a situation, it suggests that "All is well and success is at hand." Key words include "Change of job or residence" and "Fulfillment. Attainment. Culmination." So, I guess other people feel like I've accomplished something or have reached the end of some sort of journey.

The ninth card, the Hopes, Fears, and Expectations card, represents. . . well, my hopes, fears, and expectations. Interestingly, the Hopes card in this spread is the Fool, Major Arcana 0, the first of the Major Arcana, and representing "The beginning of a journey. A leap into the unknown." So others see me as at the end of a journey, but I see myself at the beginning of one. Although due to the cyclical nature of the Arcana, perhaps they are not really opposites after all--just looking in different directions. The Fool can represent "A new chance. A novel experience," and "Significant and unexpected circumstances." As a situation card, it "suggests the need to take a risk with childlike optimism and innocence" and advises that "you should remain open to new ideas." Perhaps more pertinently, in conjunction with some of the other cards that have cropped up, it advises that "You would be wise to leave the past behind and get on with starting something new." (It also advises that it may represent a literal trip somewhere, "especially if other travel cards appear in the spread," which apparently include "the World, Six of Swords, Eight of Wands, or Knight of Wands" OH HEY.)

The last card, the Final Outcome Card, is the Seven of Wands, Holding Firm, in its upright position representing "Holding your own. A position of advantage." Well, that answers my question about the Behind card. Key words for the Seven of Wands include "Maintaining your position. Having an advantage" and "Self-confidence. Assertion." As a situation card, it forewarns of some sort of coming conflict or argument (aahh!) but says "You have the advantage even if you don't realize it" and advises, "Do not give up the struggle." It promises that "Your hard work and thoughtfulness will pay off" and suggests being "especially observant." To which I say: Huh.

I think, overall, that I am going to continue to be busy, which is good, but supposedly I should be prepared and able to come out on top if I can stop being defensive and anxious and can be more awesome.
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Daily Tarot, day 25 [Aug. 27th, 2014|11:03 am]
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Today's card is from my vampire deck, because it may be the last daily Tarot that I can post for a bit. We're switching Internet providers, so our current Internet is going away today and the new Internet is being set up Monday.

In other news, there's only one more day of random strangers living in my house, this should be the last day that it is 11 am and I am still in my pajamas because somebody I've never met and have no idea who they are is in my shower. I hope they hurry up.

Today's card is the Three of Swords, Heartache, representing "Necessary cutting. A bleeding heart." Key words include "Loss. Woe" and "Turbulent emotions." The card also "sometimes represents a need for major surgery or dental treatment," which I hope is not the case--although I do finally have a doctor's appointment today and I'm fairly certain I'm in need of minor surgery. Perhaps this card only represents my impending separation from my beloved Internet? Or else something big and unpleasant is going to happen today. I'm also working on accepting that I'm never going to go home to the Candlewood house again, and I don't know when I'll again be in Madison. Or maybe the cards are just picking up on how irritable I was when I was shuffling, because I wanted to take a shower before doing my daily reading but I can't because I'm a wuss who reacts to batshit crazy assholes with confusion and withdrawal instead of putting them in their place and telling them that no, they can't have random strangers staying in my house breaking my shit and preventing me from showering.
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Daily Tarot, day 24 [Aug. 26th, 2014|03:57 pm]

One-card spread today.

Today's card is the Eight of Swords, Restriction, which represents "Feeling trapped." Man, and I've been so productive today too, although let's be real, not quite as productive as I'd hoped. This card says that "You are stuck in a rut of your own making," which may in fact be true. I have some thoughts about this, actually. The little book mentions that "If you can't see things clearly, this is a time to seek wise counsel and heed sound advice." Hrm.
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Daily Tarot, day 23 [Aug. 25th, 2014|05:11 pm]
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Today's daily card is back to the Scapini deck.

Today's card of the day is the Three of Cups, Celebration. Threes have been fairly prominent in my spreads since I started doing this not-quite-daily project. In its upright position, the Three of Cups represents "A time to rejoice. Having fun." I have been somewhat terrified of rejoicing, as I believe I mentioned yesterday, since I am afraid of tempting the universe to put me in my place (again). So this is a bit of a relief. Key words include "Hobbies. Things done for enjoyment" and "Good fortune." As a situation card, it says "There is something to celebrate; now is the time to have fun. . . Now is a time for celebration, but there is still work ahead." I don't doubt that, and am definitely keeping it in mind. 
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Tarot, Day. . . 22 [Aug. 24th, 2014|05:30 pm]
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I'm just gonna pick up counting from the last post since I haven't done this in over a week. It's been a very eventful week, involving a lot of packing and a lot of interviews and my damn usually-reliable car breaking down again (second time it's broken down in a month and neither time did the shop even do me the favor of offering an oil change; I had to go get one yesterday!). But today I did all sorts of productive things, so it's time for a good proper Celtic Cross spread to make up for the time. Using my vampire deck, because it's time.

The first card, the Cover card, is today the Four of Pentacles. The cover card "reveals the substance of the question," essentially showing what the spread is about. The Four of Pentacles, Holding Tight, symbolizes "Maintaining the status quo." This seems like an odd choice of words for the symbolization because the key words include a lot of stuff like "Enrichment" and "Gain of money," and the Situation section of my book says straight out "The Four of Disks represents financial security." The card may be warning of being "too conservative" or "miserly" and that I "must learn to delegate rather than do everything yourself," which I suppose is possible. The book notes that "If your question was about finances, the Four of Pentacles assures security and material acquisition." I could certainly use some security about now. The spread as a whole also has four Pentacles in it, so it seems to be staying closely on topic with a focus on financial and material matters.

The second card, the Crossing card, is Major Arcana XI, Justice, symbolizing "Being judged. A fair outcome." This is one of those cards that is basically what it says on the tin--it can represent legal affairs, but more often it represents getting what you deserve and having to deliberate wisely to make decisions, that sort of thing. In its current position as the crossing card, it represents obstacles, opportunities, resources, and other factors modifying the question raised in the cover card. Together they create a "micro-cross" representing the essence of the spread. In this case, it seems to be revealing my central worry about whether or not I succeed at my new job--will I get what I deserve and will I deserve for it to go well? Hopefully, this micro-cross is indicating that if I am careful and diligent, I will get the stability I want.

The third card, the Beneath card, shows "past influences affecting the matter, past experiences, repetitive behavior, motivations, where the question comes from," etc. In this spread it is Major Arcana I, The Magician, representing "Mastery of special knowledge. Focused energy." Key words include "The cumulative result of disciplined training" and "Marketing yourself." As a situation card, it says "You are about to take advantage of the expertise you have gleaned from a period of disciplined training. . . . You are able to promote and market yourself to those who are interested in making use of your special skills and knowledge." Whether this refers to my editorial skills or my skill at getting interviews (which seems to have been pretty good this time around), I do not know, but it seems fairly on point. I have tried to "observe, experiment, remain adaptable, refine your skills, and learn about how to manipulate the world" this summer, so hopefully the placement of this card means I have managed to do so to some degree.

The fourth card, the Behind card, shows "influences that are just passing out of existence," and in this spread is the Two of Swords, Stalemate. This card symbolizes "A tense situation. An impasse" and since it is the behind card I hope that means the stalemate is over. MOVING ON.

The fifth card, the Crown card, shows "ideals, goals, option, intentions, avenues of development, possibilities, and opportunities." While that makes it sound like it would usually be a positive card, in this spread it shows up as Major Arcana XV, The Devil, who represents "Bondage. Self-imposed limitations." I suppose that's a warning, then. Key words include "The power of negative thinking. Finding it hard to let go" and "Unnecessary guilt. Heavy commitments. Confronting your personal demons. . . Excessive attachment to material goods." I guess it's warning me that I am at risk of getting too attached to job- and money-related things, which is possibly true. Apparently, when the Devil appears, it's time to "review your bondage to material goods, unbridled passions, harmful relationships, and financial security." I will certainly have to keep that in mind.

The sixth card, the Before card, "reveals forthcoming circumstances and influences coming into being in the near future," and in this spread is the Knight of Pentacles. Under the element system, this is the Earth aspect of Earth, occupied solidly with physical and material issues--for me, probably job, housing, finances, and physical health. All of those are going to go through some changes or need some meticulous sussing-out in the next few weeks.

Moving on from the Cross to the Pillar, the seventh card, the Self card, "symbolizes where you stand on the issue." In this spread, my Self is the Page of Pentacles, a card of fire and earth, representing someone taking a practical and materially-based approach to their grands passions. I. . . will have to think about that for a bit, actually. My little book characterizes the Page of Pentacles as Studiousness, representing "A small financial gain. Education." Key words include "Good news about money and finances" (!), "Slow and steady progress," and "Eagerness for learning." As a situation card, it claims "You may soon be presented with an opportunity to make money or engage in a new business venture. Be sure to do your homework so you can be in a position of advantage." Note to self: Do more research on content marketing. "You could become involved in some kind of research involving close attention to detail and lots of paperwork." Sounds like my life. "Education can benefit you at this time." Education can always benefit you, little book.

The eighth card, the House card, is about the querent's environment and the opinions of the people around them. The house card here is Major Arcana XVII, The Star, representing "Hope." This may literally refer to hope for an improved living situation in the coming week; it may also mean my Team Me is rooting for me; it may mean both. The Star indicates that "This is a good time to exert yourself because you can achieve your ideals." Overall, this card indicates that my environment is positive and optimistic.

The ninth card, the Hopes, Fears, and Expectations card, shows (obviously) one's hopes, fears, and expectations regarding the question at hand. This is our last Pentacles card for this spread, the Three of Pentacles, A Job Well Done, representing "Beneficial use of talents." This is extremely accurate, I think! Key word include "Early stages of accomplishment," "Employment" (yes that is a hope!), "Professional growth" (dear god yes that is a hope too), and "Competence. Sincere effort. High standards. Expertise. . . . Doing a job the right way." A lot of my anxiety revolves around my ability to meet my own standards, I think. Anyway, as a situation card it says "You will be rewarded for doing a competent job and making use of your skills, knowledge, and talents" and that "You will have an opportunity to earn money professionally for what you know." It also accurately points out that I "desire status, recognition, or approval from others, and you feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done." I do miss that feeling.

The last card, the Final Outcome card, is here the Nine of Cups, The Wish Card, representing "Desires fulfilled." Another "exactly what it says on the tin" sort of card, its key words include "Enjoyment. Contentment. Pleasure. . . . Comforts, Health. Happiness. Plenty. . . . Financial well-being." It also includes "Smugness," but hey. The S&A commentary says "When the Nine of Cups appears, especially as an outcome card, you will get what you desire. This card promises material benefits and physical luxury." Huzzah! Now I just have to not get so attached to it that I turn into a soulless miser, as per my warning of The Devil. At any rate, I think this reading has calmed me down a little from the overweening paranoia I've been feeling since I got my offer letter on Thursday, and has restored a bit of my confidence, which is good. But just a bit; I don't want to get cocky or lazy--that'll bring the eye of the Universe back onto me, and I was hoping it had wandered off to fuck with somebody else for a little while.

Since I feel so much better, I should maybe get back to doing these daily.
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Daily Tarot, day 21 [Aug. 15th, 2014|12:37 pm]

One-card spread plus clarification card. Scapini until I can shuffle the deck without dropping any cards.

The card of the day was the Queen of Swords, Intelligent and Solitary, representing someone concerned with emotional matters and approaching them in a logical and intellectual manner. I drew her on Day 10 as well, so most of that commentary is the same here.

Since I wanted more information this time on what precisely sort of emotional situation I am possibly overanalyzing, I picked a clarification card, which turned out to be The Emperor, Major Arcana IV. Symbolizing "The father. Order. Control. Power," The Emperor is a sort of general kingly archetype card. It concerns "The structures of society. The order we impose upon the world." The card "shows you becoming your own person as you establish yourself in the world" and that "Now is the time to act responsibly and organize a structured, stable environment."

I have a lot of Thoughts on this but I'm going to keep them to myself at the moment. Instead, I'm going to go put pants on and go to lunch.
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Daily Tarot, day 20 [Aug. 14th, 2014|04:02 pm]

Wow, today is day 20 of my Daily Tarot already! And I have only missed. . . uh. . . three of them?

Today is just a one-card spread.

The Nine of Pentacles, Self-Reliance, symbolizing "Relying on oneself. Being self-sufficient." Key words for this card include "Self-mastery. Attainment. Gain. Desire for financial security." Yes to that last one, certainly. "Prosperity as a result of past efforts." I do hope so! In a situation, it "represents the desire for financial security and carries the promise of physical comfort and material benefits." Hopefully that's not just for today? Today is like that though, as I am home in NJ (for the last time!) and it is nice and quiet here. The little book is giving me advice that "When this card appears in a reading, we should review how we spend our solitary time." I probably should; I've been glued to the (terrible, terrible, constantly escalating) news all week and need to chill. Except my leisure reading book right now is on the Great Hunger in Ireland. It may be time to watch Hook and cry like I've been intending to do all week.

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Tarot Day 18 and 19 [Aug. 13th, 2014|01:26 pm]
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Day 18 there is no picture and I could not put a post up because Technological Difficulties. Boo, technology getting in the way of my old-timey occulty shit!

Yesterday's card was The Moon, which means "Deep instinctual forces. Self-deception." This card has both positive and negative interpretations, and I have no idea which ones are relevant here. Positive key words include "Intuition. Strong emotions. Secret truths" and "The creative potential of the unconscious mind." Negative key words include "Escapism. Confusion. Deception." It suggests that I am "entering a period of fluctuating moods and uncertainty during which you must confront unconscious forces in order to succeed." Well, I'm probably in a period of fluctuating moods and uncertainty, at any rate. It also says that "You can make good use of your creative talents" so I should probably get on that. It also points out that "You notice how ingrained patterns from the past are affecting your current behavior" which is sadly true. It advises me to "attend to your dreams, feelings, hunches, and intuitions now."

Today's spread is two cards:

Today's card is The Star, representing "Hope." This is actually fairly good for today--I've talked to a bunch of helpful people lately and gotten some good leads, my Team Me is being very much on Team Me, I get to go home tomorrow, I've done a bunch of helpful research and some soul-searching about what sorts of jobs I might actually like. Anyway, The Star's key words include "Luck. Tranquility. Optimism" and the little book says that it is "A very positive card." Much like the Moon, I am urged to "rely on  your intuition, inner wisdom, and guidance." It also says that "A desire response or result is on the way" and that "This is a good time to exert yourself because you can achieve your ideals."

I picked a clarification card, which turned out to be another Major Arcana--VI, The Lovers. This card symbolizes "Choice." While it can indicate "A romanting meeting. Sexuality. Attraction," other keywords include "A major choice. A decision. . . Being put to the test." As a situation card, it apparently "often appears when you are faced with a crucial life decision and much choose which path to follow." I feel like I'm already overthinking which jobs to apply to each day, and I don't know what other sort of choices I'm going to get to make today. Ah well, I suppose we'll have to wait and see.
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Tarot Day 17 [Aug. 11th, 2014|11:32 pm]
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Five card spread!

Still Scapini. I did a weird thing and did this spread without resetting the deck from the last spread, just as a whim.

Card 1, the Past card, is the Page of Coins, Studiousness, symbolizing "A small financial gain. Education." In my system, it refers to someone concerned with their grand passions and ambitions, approaching realizing them in a practical, concrete, material fashion (like. . . by studying). I'm pretty sure this card has shown up recently, and it represents a bunch of stuff that is exactly what it sounds like it would--diligence, apprenticeship, useful and practical information, patience, "Be sure to do your homework so you can be in a position of advantage." I think I've been doing a bit of homework lately.

Card 2, the Present card, is the Six of Cups, The Good Old Days, symbolizing "Nostalgia." This card generally means either that something from the past "is coming to fruition" or someone from the past is reentering your life. It can also mean "An old friend may bring news that leads to a job offer or a change of residence," which is what I'm hoping for, as today I got an email from an old Pearson buddy who works at a place where I recently applied for a job. I had been inspired to reach out to him after the last time the Six of Cups showed up, I think. Thanks, Tarot!

Card 3, the Hidden Influences card, is the Ten of Swords, An Irrevocable Ending, symbolizing "Stabbed in the back. The end of a cycle." As a situation, this indicates that "Your plans are not working out. You have reached the outer limits. A situation or relationship is coming to its irrevocable end" but apparently since this is hidden it's not one of the things I am fully cognizant of coming to and end. . . which seems like bad news, since I was fairly certain I was on top of all the things/people/situations screwing with me right now. Sigh.

Card 4, the Advice card, is here Major Arcana XI, Force. In most decks, eleven is Justice and Force is 8, but the Scapini deck is a bit odd. Anyway, the Force or Strength card symbolizes "Moral force," and as advice it says to "rely on inner strength, patience, and gentleness to solve your problems" and that "a tactful, diplomatic approach leads to success."

Card 5, the Likely Outcomes card, is the Eight of Swords, Restriction, symbolizing "Feeling trapped." I don't know if this means I am likely to wind up feeling trapped if I follow the advice to be strong and gentle, or if I will end up feeling trapped if I don't recognize the hidden influences (which seems likely because as Swords cards, those two cards seem related in this spread to me). It does say that "With courage you can transcend your anxieties and resolve the problems that surround you," but that isn't really an outcome, more advice. So it looks like even if I fix my current issues and achieve my goals of being gainfully employed again soon, I still will feel trapped and unsatisfied? That's disheartening, as I'm doing all the thinking and analyzing and networking and being careful specifically to minimize the changes that my next job will be as maddeningly deadening as the last one. Perhaps I am just not a happy worker. Sigh, again.

Overall I guess this spread is mixed. It starts off nice but ends up depressing, which is sort of the opposite of what I want to be happening. 
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Daily Tarot, day 16 [Aug. 11th, 2014|11:12 am]

Day 15 didn't happen because I worked a ten-hour day. Day 16 happened yesterday but I didn't get around to posting it.

To make up for Day 15 not happening, I did a three-card spread yesterday. Still using the Scapini deck. For some reason, it makes me feel better lately.

 The past card in this spread is the King of Cups, representing someone concerned with emotional or intuitive matters and approaching them in a logical, rational (or rationalized), and intellectual (or intellectualized) way. Possibly this is me being overthinky about my personal inner workings and happiness? The cards have basically been telling me to think long and hard about this stuff for weeks now, so hopefully I'm just thinking, not overthinking. My book calls this card Wise Counsel and in its upright position represents "Compassion." Key words include "Assistance. . . . Respect. Trust. Consideration. Understanding" and as a situation says that either "A man of culture and understanding will listen to you and offer sound advice" or that I may be called upon to listen and offer advice to others. It also says that my father may "figure prominently in upcoming events," although since this is a past card, I don't know how relevant that is.

The present card is the Nine of Swords, The Nightmare Card, in its upright position representing "Despair." This is certainly a lot of what I have been feeling lately! I am pretty sure this card has come up quite recently, as well. In addition to pointing out that my "sleep may in fact be disturbed," which of course it is because I live with animals, of whom Annoying Cat is the least annoying, it points out that "Someone's spiteful behavior may be causing you pain," which, while I don't know if it's actively spiteful so much as usual American businessey douchiness, there is certainly a thing that I am mad and terrified about. The card assures me that my fears "are to a large extent unfounded," and that "the suffering you feel is an aftermath of previous difficult circumstances." It usually is when I have a complete angry freakout about something.

The spread ends on a happier note, with the Two of Cups, Mutuality, symbolizing "A happy union." This card apparently suggests that a dispute will be settled, or that I will find myself "deciding to enter into a contract or a binding agreement." Hopefully that means that either my UI appeal will be successful or that I will get a new job soon.

I'm so terrified and angry about so many things right now.
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Daily Tarot, day 14 [Aug. 8th, 2014|10:11 pm]
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Ahaha. Ahahahahaha.

Today's spread is one card. Scapini deck, since I'm still trying to break that slippery bastard in.

The Seven of Wands Reversed. The Seven of Wands is Holding Firm, in its reversed position symbolizing "Feeling daunted." Take your pick about what. My finances. My ability to get a job I like and will not lose. Being surrounded by ridiculously high-powered lawyers and judges all day every day this week. I'm even feeling daunted about my ability to put together a decent outline for this ebook Stephen wants and this is the sort of stuff I'm good at. Daunted at the idea of applying to library jobs or emailing librarians I don't know. Anyway, the key terms for this card include "Feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed," "Retreat from confrontation," "Embarrassment. . . Uncertainty. Timidity. Shame" and "Fear of rejection." As advice, it is "An admonition to persist in pursuing your goals despite opposition" and warns that "If you give up now, you may miss a valuable opportunity." It asks "Are you afraid people will get angry with you if you assert yourself?" which yes, I am. For "People," which I've barely been looking at, it can represent "Those who let things happen," which I feel like I am. I suppose that is something I really need to change.
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Almost-daily Tarot, day 13 [Aug. 7th, 2014|10:20 pm]

Man, I totally spaced on Tarot  yesterday. I forgot how draining customer service work is.

Anyway, today is a three-card spread with my medieval Scapini deck, because I felt like it.

The first card, the Past card, shows "some significant aspect" of things leading up to the current situation. My past card in this spread was the Queen of Pentacles, Practical Manager, representing "A sensible approach." Have I been taking a sensible approach to things? I've been trying, although I'm not sure how well I'm succeeding. In my element system, the Queen of Pentacles, in addition to being my personality card, represents the earth approach to water, someone who deals with emotional issues in a practical and materially-oriented manner. This card promises that "A sensible, practical approach brings steady progress."

The second card, the Present card, "clarif[ies] your present state." In this case, it is the Knight of Pentacles, Slow, Steady Progress,, representing "Tangible progress." This feels like the opposite of what's going on today, but whatever. In my elemental system, this card is the root of earth--practical matters approached in a practical manner. As a situation card, this correctly guesses that "Chances are you consulted the cards about issues related to employment, property matters, or financial security" and assures me that "slow and steady progress assures success." Le sigh.

The third card, the immediate future card, is the Two of Swords, Stalemate, representing "A tense situation. An impasse." This feels more like the present to me, so I am bummed to hear it may continue into the immediate future. I would like to wake up tomorrow and have everything be entirely different, please! This also seems to contradict the progress promised in the last two cards, but maybe all together it just means that progress is happening but will continue to be slower and duller than I would like for a while. I suppose I will just have to live with that.
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Daily Tarot, days 10 and 11 [Aug. 5th, 2014|08:49 pm]
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Yesterday I drew one card, and it only needed one card.

Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereof, the Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords represents someone concerned with emotional matters, but who takes a logical, rational, intellectual (or at least intellectualized) approach to them. This is following on a long trail of THINK HARD ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT spreads, in a variety of permutations. The little book calls this card Intelligent and Solitary, symbolizing "A woman alone" and "Head over heart." This woman embodies "Strong will. Sharp wit. Sarcasm. Autonomy. Ambition" and a bunch of other stone-cold-bitch related things. As a situation card, the book says that "This is a card of 'going it alone'" and warns me to "stand up for yourself and be clear about your wants and needs" which oh yes Jesus do I need to do that. It also says that I "have learned to be independent during periods of loneliness" which I think I have, and says that I am "far more interested in career and ambitions than in emotional matters" except the two are quite closely related, I think, but at any rate those are certainly my focus about now.

Today I also drew one card, but then I tempted fate and drew a second.

The first card was the Ace of Wands, the root of Fire, Rearing to Go, representing "New life." This is a card of beginnings, promising a new venture or enterprise or project of some sort, "Fresh ideas. . . . Inspiration. Innovation. Optimism" and "putting ambitions into action." The card suggests that "Something happens to stimulate your career. This is a time of initiation, invention, and creativity." That sounds pretty awesome!

What sort of new thing, I wondered? So I pulled a clarification card, which turned out to be the Two of Swords, Stalemate, representing "A tense situation. An impasse." For advice, this card warns that I "must confront issues directly" and "face what you really want or feel." Basically, I think this card is warning me that an exciting opportunity of some sort is going to come my way, but I will have to be decisive and take it.
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Daily Tarot, day 9, a Celtic Cross [Aug. 3rd, 2014|11:52 am]
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Now that I’ve completed a week of mostly doing daily readings, I decided to start this week with a proper Celtic Cross. I’m again using my vampire deck. I promise I’ll do a reading with the Lord of the Rings deck soon.

As you can see, a Celtic Cross consists of ten cards, so I’ll try to be brief. (Ha.) My question, such as there was one, was about the work and living situations and my material life structure in general. Surprisingly, we turned up no pentacles! This spread seems to have turned up some cups and some swords and a whole lotta Major Arcana, suggesting that most of the work and adjustments I have to do are going to be in my head—mental and emotional—and possibly the Majors suggest some fairly drastic changes? Let’s take a look at the individual cards.

If you don’t know how to follow a Celtic Cross spread, it consists of a cross and a pillar. The first card is in the center of the cross; the second card is on top of that, then the third card is below those, cards four, five, and six are read clockwise around the center cards, and then cards seven through then are in the pillar on the right-hand side, and are read bottom to top.

The first card, the cover card, is here Major Arcana I, The Magician, in his upright position representing “Mastery of special knowledge. Focused energy.” The cover card shows “the substance of the question” or the general situation at hand, so I suppose the matter under discussion in this spread is going to be how successfully I apply the things I have learned lately and whether or not I can keep my energy focused sufficiently. The Magician symbolizes things like “ability to achieve your goal” and “Self-determination” and “Creative visualization.” As a situation card, it indicates a situation where “You are about to take advantage of the expertise you have gleaned from a period of disciplined training” and that “The time is right to initiate projects” and several other things that suggest that this is a good time to apply some knowledge and get some goals achieved.

The second card, the crossing card, represents obstacles or opportunities relating to the matter revealed in the cover card. In this reading, the crossing card is the Six of Cups, The Good Old Days, which in its upright position represents “Nostalgia.” My first thought upon seeing this card was that maybe the skills and specialized knowledge I need to draw upon to do all my goal-accomplishing would be things I’d learned a while ago and hadn’t been making much use of. My little book seems to indicate that it’s more likely to refer to networking of some sort—“You may have the opportunity to renew an old acquaintance” and “Someone from the past may reenter your life,” although it does also mention more generally that “Some matter with roots in the past comes to fruition.” I guess it may be time to reach out to some people I haven’t seen or talked to in a while. The advice here is that I “will need to review some aspect of your past life,” so there’s that.

These two cards together create a “micro-cross” that represents sort of a miniature portrayal of the essence of the spread, which here seems to be saying that I need to draw on what I’ve learned and move forward, but to do that I may have to reach back into my past a bit and sort some things out.

The third card, the beneath card, shows “past influences affecting the matter,” and is here the Five of Cups, “Loss and Disappointment,” which in its upright aspect symbolizes “Mourning.” “Mourning” seems a bit strong but there have certainly been some losses and disappointments associated with my career path, especially lately. Key words include “Regret. Self-blame. Sadness. Brooding. An unhappy ending,” all of which are true, and as a situation it indicates suffering a loss or disappointment (YES). The card suggests that I may feel “abandoned or betrayed” but that “something remains to be salvaged” and that I should revise my emotional priorities. All of which is stuff that I have indeed been trying to do some thinking about lately.

The fourth card, the behind card, is also a past card, but it indicates either a more recent past or, more specifically, a situation that is just passing out of influence, where the beneath card is more of a straight up “backstory of the question” card. My recent past influences appear to be Major Arcana 0, The Fool, in his upright aspect representing “The beginning of a journey. A leap into the unknown.” This card represents fresh starts, innocence, spontaneity, starting an adventure, naivete, and all the things you’d probably expect to be associated with the very first card in a set. This card suggests that “you are about to embark on a new phase in your life” and that “the people you meet now may be participants in a new cycle of personal or professional growth.” Would that be people I’ve met recently, then? What I think might be more relevant here is that the Fool can also signify “a period marked by nervous energy, lack of clarity, and uncertain conditions,” which sounds very much like where I’ve been recently, so I do hope that that’s now passing out of influence!

The fifth card, the crown card, is a card of potentiality, and can represent goals, options, possible developments, and insight into how to resolve the situation or where the question might lead. The crown card today is Major Arcana XII, The Hanged Man, representing “Suspension. A new perspective.” It suggests that this is a time to “pause and suspend activity” and to “reevaluate your attitudes, goals, and priorities while remaining true to your spiritual values.” While the pausing aspect seems to contradict the appearance of the Magician earlier, in its particular position as the Crown card, it might just be underscoring the need for careful thought and evaluating what I’ve learned. The Hanged Man does indicate that one may be “in the midst of a major transition.” It brings up the possibility of needing to let go of or sacrifice something in order to move forward. I’ll definitely have to think about that.

The sixth card, the before card, is the immediate future card, revealing “forthcoming circumstances.” Today it is Major Arcana XI, Justice, representing “Being judged. A fair outcome.” This could be either good or scary, depending on what it is I deserve, I suppose. The card warns me to “deliberate carefully” and apparently tends to show up when a “reasoned and thoughtful decision” must be made. With luck, this will mean multiple job offers and I’ll have to think carefully about which one to pick!

Moving onto the pillar, the seventh card, the Self card, represents, more or less, where the querent is at at the time of the reading. In this case, my “self” is currently Major Arcana IV, The Emperor, symbolizing “The father. Order. Control. Power.” Obviously I am not a father, but the key words for this card representing “the world of grown-ups,” “status,” and “the drive for achievement, success, respect, and stability” seem to indicate that I am currently being driven by a desire for worldly success and “the ability to use rational thought and direct action” to achieve it. I think this meshes fairly well with the question at hand being about achieving goals and controlling one’s own destiny. The Emperor apparently “shows you becoming your own person as you establish yourself in the world,” which is certainly what I’d like to be doing, advises me to “act responsibly and organize a structured, stable environment.” I’m definitely going to have to do some charge-taking in order to do that, which brings me to:

The eighth card, the house card, represents one’s environment and the opinions and influences of the people in your life. Today’s house card is the Four of Cups, Discontent, representing “In a shell. Dissatisfied.” In its most literal meaning, this probably refers to the fact that my current living situation makes me steam-coming-out-of-my-ears angry and so far I have elected to taciturnly count down the days until people move out instead of tackling the problem head-on. More generally, the idea that “everything seems stale and unsatisfying” and “The novelty has worn off” is certainly true of how I’m feeling about generally being a broke young unstable freelancer in Boston. I have half a mind to sell everything I own and move to Harrisburg, but the Four of Cups is advising me “not to rush but rather to take time to meditate and contemplate before proceeding,” making it at least the fourth card in this spread with advice that is a variation on “think very, very carefully.”

The ninth card is “hopes, fears, and expectations,” and in this case is the Two of Swords, Stalemate, representing “A tense situation. An impasse,” which I suppose would fall squarely into “fears.” The card discusses feeling indecisive, feeling “a need to keep a tight rein on your emotions,” and being passive. It advises me to “confront issues directly.”

The tenth card, the final outcome card, which has given me the Ace of Swords, The Power of Intellect. This has shown up as the final outcome in a few readings I’ve done for other people too, so pretty soon we may be able to create a whole army of people who have been made strong through adversity. This card is the root card for air, the intellect and logic suit, and the swords suit is fairly representative of conflict, so the card in its upright position means “A sense of power. Strength in adversity.” It can be most easily conceptualized as your mind being heated and beaten into a strong, sharp, powerful sword, because symbolism is like that. As a situation card, it indicates that something positive will emerge out of the conflict and difficulties of life, and that the querent has “great strength and force at your disposal.” As a final outcome card, it’s fairly positive, as it indicates that you will “level up,” basically.

So, that's a Celtic Cross, you can probably see why I only want to do them once a week. 
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Daily Tarot, day 8 [Aug. 2nd, 2014|10:33 pm]
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I actually just did a three-card spread today. Today was VERY BUSY and I did not feel like I accomplished as much as I wanted to. But I did get a good bit done. I am using my vampire deck; it is the only one I took to NJ with me since it is my oldest and most familiar.

Today's question was basically also about "what am I going to accomplish this weekend," because I was worried that I was not getting enough stuff done this weekend. *looks at giant piles of books in despair*

The first card, the past card, is the Queen of Pentacles, "Practical Manager," in her upright position meaning "sensible approach." In my elemental system, this card refers to a person who is largely focused on issues of emotion and intuition, but takes a practical and materially-based approach to these issues. The Queen of Pentacles is a sort of material-care-oriented type of person: she asks "Are you getting enough sleep?" and "Do you want a cup of tea?" and de-stresses by eating right, cleaning things, and going to the gym. In this particular place in this reading, especially considering the question I asked, it seems to be suggesting that I am doing a lot of emotional work this weekend, which I suppose I am, which makes me feel a bit better about falling behind on the material work I'm supposed to be doing. My book advises that "a sensible, practical approach brings steady progress" and that "you may apply practical, conservative measures to your own affairs."

The second card, the present card, is the Ten of Pentacles, "Material Abundance," which I suppose I am surrounded by even if I am wigging out about my finances, and in its upright position represents "Family support." This makes perfect sense to me as the bulk of today was taken up with a two-hour Family Meeting (my parents are divorced so whole-Family Meetings, with both parents and both kids there, are fairly infrequent and occur only in cases of great need in planning and coordination), taking my brother to go buy stuff for his back, and trying to help my mother not freak out (Idunno how effective I was at this). This card symbolizes "strong family ties" and "prosperity," among other things, and it is "a positive card suggesting financial security ... major life transitions, the successful sale or transfer of property" and mentions that a family member/familial figure may help the querent in some way. This seems to sum up today pretty well--surrounded by stuff and working out all our family logistics.

The third card, the future card, is the Queen of Cups, "A Caring Woman," in her upright aspect representing "Deep feeling. Nurturing." As Queens and Cups are both water cards, this card represents someone focusing on emotional issues and taking an emotional or intuitive approach to them. As a situation card, it suggests that it is a time to "turn inward to examine your feelings" and to trust your intuition/gut feelings. The book also literally calls out that "Your mother ... may play a significant role in near future events," which is exactly what we've been planning about.  So I guess it is time to focus on my feelings and worry a bit less about moving my shit around, except maybe as it relates to me feeling better or worse about it. 
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Daily Tarot, day 7 [Aug. 1st, 2014|04:31 pm]
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I just did a one-card spread today, since it is getting late in the day and I have stuffs to do. I am planning on doing a larger spread tomorrow morning--I think I'd like to do one larger spread per week.

Today I asked "what will I get done this weekend?" since I have quite a lot of things to get done this weekend.

The card I drew in response to this was the Ten of Swords, "An Irrevocable Ending," which in its upright position represents "Stabbed in the back. The end of a cycle." This card is. . . pretty scary, actually, and it represents how I've been feeling for the past week or so, so I'm not sure why it's just showing up now when I was asking about stuff I have to get done this weekend. Actually, that is a lie, since most of what I have to do this weekend involves packing up my room at my mother's house and getting rid of a bunch of stuff, and going through my book collection in a packing-it-up way instead of just a peruse-my-bookshelves-for-duplicates way is really spurring me to get rid of a loooooot more stuff. So maybe that's the "emotional cut-off, separation, pain" the card is referring to. Idunno, this card seems to be really much more negative than I'm actually feeling about having to get rid of stuff? Possibly something dreadful is going to happen before the end of the day. Ugh. As a situation card, it says "This ending is accompanied by a deep sense of loss and sadness. You may be feeling emotionally cut off. Change has been forced upon you and you have little say in the matter" which doesn't really apply to the stuff situation but does quite accurately describe how I've been feeling towards the universe and about losing my last contract. Perhaps it's just hitting me harder yesterday and today than it has been--I feel less wallow-y, but definitely angrier, than I was a week ago?--and that's why this card hasn't shown up until today?

I picked a clarification card, because, as I mentioned, this card is kind of scary, to see if it would give me some advice on how to handle this loss/ending, or clarify which loss/ending it was referring to (my job or my permanent home), and it drew the Three of Wands, "Birth of an Enterprise," which in its upright position represents "The successful birth of an enterprise. Cooperation." Not sure if it means this loss that is upsetting me will leave me clear for new successful enterprises, or if it refers to what has been occupying most of my mental sulking space, that an apparently successful and lucrative new enterprise that everyone was saying I was doing to well at was suddenly lost. (I am still feeling angry and betrayed over losing this damn contract, can you tell?) As a situation card, the Three of Wands does again say "Opportunities abound, and a new job is possible," so let's hope it's the first interpretation. Also, it says "You may find yourself shipping your goods and products to a distant location," so maybe I should just sell all my books on Amazon. (Which is actually not a very good deal, I have discovered, because of the fees.)

Either way, I feel like that was a weird reading and I'm really not sure how to take it. 
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Daily Tarot: belated day 5, excuses for day 6 [Aug. 1st, 2014|03:29 pm]
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Day 7 I will do later today I SWEAR.

We have no photos in this entry! Wednesday, which was Day 5 of this, er, project, I went over to a friend's house and I read Lyndsay and Gillian's cards, then Lyndsay read my cards with her deck, which if I recall correctly is a moon fairy deck of some sort? It's not one I'd seen before and I did not take pictures, but I did write down the cards so I can reproduce the reading here, as Lyndsay did try out my little book (Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis).

My question was about my writing/creative work, since I was tired of "Employment! Threes! Pentacles!" so let's see if it worked. . .

The spread was as follows:

Card 1 - past influences - Six of Swords - Leaving Your Troubles Behind - Brighter Days Ahead.

Card 2 - present - Four of Swords - Respite - Recharging Your Batteries.

Card 3 - hidden influences - Two of Swords Reversed - Stalemate (Reversed) - Renewed Action.

Card 4 - advice - Major Arcana IX (Reversed) - The Hermit Reversed - Wisdom Spurned.

Card 5 - likely outcome - Three of Swords Reversed - Heartache (Reversed) - The Pain is Ending.

So, just as a quick rundown, we see A LOT of Swords, the air card, representing intellectual endeavors, even though creative endeavors (what I was asking about) would more likely be represented by Wands (Fire), I would think. This suggests to me that the changes to be made to my creative stuff is going to be about shifts in my headspace.

Overall, the spread also seems to suggest that I am leaving the stagnant period I feel like I've been having since the winter (I thought it was just the winter weather but it may have been my stultifying boredom at work creeping into a general inability to focus and think and do stuff) and writing more things--and I actually have been coming up with more Ideas just in the past few weeks, I just need to sit down and actually write them--hoping I'll get to do some of that this weekend in my mom's nice quiet house!--and I guess the advice card is warning me against shying away from feedback? Maybe? The "Situation and Advice" section for the Hermit Reversed doesn't have actual advice, just a comment that getting too wrapped up in my own way of doing things can be destructive, so I guess that can be parlayed into advice not to do the thing.

Yesterday, I had to finish up a work-from-home job that I hadn't gotten as much done the previous day as I wanted due to Reasons, and I had a job interview at 8 am (!!!), and then I had to drive to New Jersey from Boston, and then I pretty much immediately went to the nail salon with my mother and then hung out with my lovely Kat (not to be confused with my lovely cat; the Kat is much less annoying than the cat), and got lost on the way home from Kat's house because Route 287's exits are under construction so I was confused on what lane I was supposed to be in, and then it was 10 pm and I was tired from getting up at 6 to do work and from the work of being unrelentingly filled with spite and spleen toward the universe so I went to bed. I will do today's daily Tarot in the next post.
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Daily Tarot reading [Jul. 29th, 2014|08:31 am]
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Today I am in a bit of a hurry as I have some temp work to do with one of my agencies, so today's spread is a one-card spread, with a clarification card because, y'know, I wanted more clarification. One-card spreads are the most common kind of "daily" spread, and I should probably start keeping a proper notebook of them. I even know what notebook I want to use! (I have to count it and see if it has enough pages, though.) I am still using the Scapini deck, trying to break it in a bit before I try to make other souls attempt to shuffle the damn thing. (The biggest issue with Tarot cards, I've found, is that they tend to be big, and therefore very difficult for most mere mortals to shuffle properly. They are maybe half as big again as a standard-size deck of playing cards.)

Today's card was the Page of Coins (Pentacles). The Scapini deck shows a sort of military-looking youth in a fabulous big red hat that looks like wings, and I'm. . . not really sure what to make of that, actually. In my elemental system, the Page of Coins represents someone who is focused on their grand passions and ambitions (Page, fire rank) and who approaches these questions in a practical, material manner (Pentacles is the earth suit). This, to me, suggests that today I have to keep my "big picture" and grand passions in mind, but that it is a time to be focused on creating a practical framework for getting it done, not necessarily to run off and do the creative work today. Maybe. In my little book, the Page of Pentacles is Studiousness, and represents "A small financial gain. Education." Its keywords have "Educational opportunities" twice, which is likely a typo, but possibly a significant one. The keywords also include things like "Realistic goals" and "Skill at detailed work." As a situation card, it cautions to "Be sure t do your homework so you can be in a positive position of advantage," and notes that "Pentacles indicate a need to care for physical and material needs." So I think I am correct in guessing that it is a time to work towards my big goals by sitting down, shutting up, and being attentive, careful, and prudent about my material situation.

To get a better idea of how to go about this, I drew a clarification card, which turned out the Seven of Coins, Perseverance, which represents "Slow and steady growth. Taking stock of one's investments." I suppose common sense could have told me that perseverance is necessary, but it doesn't hurt to have the deck doubling down on the idea that I need to put in "Patience. Persistent effort. Practical skill." This card has "Patience" in it twice as a key word. As a situation card, it indicates that I "may feel as if [I] have been wasting time on a project, but this is not the case" and advises me to "reassess and reevaluate [my] progress, to decide what [I] still need to do to accomplish [my] goal, and to apply consistent effort until [I] succeed." So I think my path for today is pretty clear.

There are no threes today, but both cards drawn are Coins/Pentacles, indicating a strong focus on the material, which is probably going to be eating up most of my brainspace and shaping my days for a while to come.
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Daily Tarot reading, Day 3 [Jul. 28th, 2014|04:10 pm]
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Today's three-card spread is done with the Medieval Scapini tarot deck, a gift from my friend Josh last summer. I picked this deck because I promised to bring it to Lyndsay's place on Wednesday and I wanted to refamiliarize myself with it, and also maybe break it in a tiny bit, because it's still very stiff and shiny from only being used a few times. I mean, it's also shiny because it's covered in gold-leaf nonsense, but the stiffness is definitely because it hasn't been used enough.

Today I asked about health, or tried to, since I'm doing this reading while simultaneously soaking my foot and hoping I don't need another damn surgery (I had two last summer), but I don't think I managed to focus on that entirely while I was thinking, so this reading might also be in regards to "today, generally" or "the work situation."

The first card, the Past card, is here the Eight of Coins (Pentacles), The Work Card, which symbolizes Apprenticeship. So either my work has somehow been a significant aspect leading up to my foot getting all fucked up again--which is possible, as I think my pointy-toed work flats with no support are bad for my feet, and I really need to find some decent work flats--or I did indeed fuck up the question for this reading and it is about "today, generally," which has been a day devoted to fixing the work situation. As a work card, the Eight of Coins/Pentacles has a lot to say about studying, learning new skills, "A new job. . . . A new field of work," and as an advice card, it exhorts the querent to "learn all you can. . . Do your homework" and that wise money management and acquisition of computer/technology-related skills are important right now. I hope that I do indeed have "the opportunity to enter a phase of apprenticeship to develop your talents," because I am definitely feeling like I don't know enough stuff about stuff right now, and I'd really like to widen my field from all copy-editing all the time.

The second card, the Present card, is here the Three of Cups, Celebration, which in its upright position symbolizes "A time to rejoice. Having fun." In a health reading, it promises "renewed health and recovery," so hopefully that means my poor feets will be OK without surgery. (Not like I'd actually take a Tarot deck's word on that.) In work-related questions, it usually suggests a hobby rather than a career, although I am guessing it here refers to the piecework that NSight has gotten me for this week, which I think is a thing to celebrate. (Maybe it means both, and copy editing is on its way to being less the entirety of my work life.) I think it might be worth noting here that the Three of Cups showed up in my Celtic Cross over the weekend, as one of the three Threes, and another one of the Threes (Pentacles) showed up in yesterday's reading, so I seem to be on a real streak of Threes here. Threes, as I think I mentioned yesterday, embody growth, creativity, expansion, self-expression, that sort of thing. So to have the Threes continue showing up is a heartening sign.

The third card, the Future Possibilities card, is here the Queen of Coins/Pentacles. The Queen represents a focus on emotional/intuitive matters (Water) and the Pentacles suit represents a practical, materially-based approach to such matters (Earth). In addition, the Queen of Pentacles is my personality signifier card. My little book calls the Queen of Pentacles the Practical Manager, representing "A sensible approach," and she "signals success in business and financial matters" and calls for applying "practical, conservative measures to your own affairs," which is interesting compared with some other recent readings' calls for thinking outside the box and adding in extra measures of fire (passion) and the eventual triumph of intellect (air). Putting them all together, I guess I need to think hard and take risks but not take un-sensible risks. Which is kind of true for most things. Or perhaps I just need to be sensible and conservative for the rest of today. Meaning, I suppose, that I should go do my work for Stephen rather than goofing off the rest of the day or going and doing something fun like writing or reading. Le sigh. Work it is. 
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